Revenge Spells on an Ex-lover

Ex-lover revenge spell is here for you!! Have you been ditched or dumped by your lover? You are hurt… for you did everything you can to keep up to your love but still your ex-lover left you in pain. Your ex-lover fell in love with your closest friend or was cheating on you. Now is the time to take revenge, do not worry at all my friend, read my article below to find the black magic spell to get revenge and make your en-lover suffer for whatever he / she did with you.

You need a green color chalk, probably a dozen of them and half a dozen blue color chalk, around 29 dozen black rose petals and twenty nine dozen hibiscus petals, a bottle of rose water (concentrated one). Start by drawing a big hexagon on the floor of your room using the green color chalk, should be such made that when you stand inside the hexagon, then your shadow falls outside, on each tip of the hexagon light up green candles and cover the tip or the joint points with black rose petals.

In the middle of the hexagon where you would stand write the name of your ex-lover and keep his picture – make sure the picture used should have only your ex-lover and no one else with him / her, not even you along and should be a full length picture of your ex-lover.

As soon as it is dawn time, stand inside the hexagon and enchant the below written spell x times while crushing the name of your ex-lover and his picture, every time you rub one character from the name, you sprinkle a little rose water and hibiscus petals in the place of the rubbed off alphabet.

Now, the number of time you need to enchant the spell depends on the length of the full name of your lover, for example if your lover’s name is JOHN KNIGHT then you have to enchant the spell ten times. Also do keep in mind that since you would be doing this during the dawn hour, hence you need to be sure that your casting of spell and the ritual is over before the cock doodles.

If cock doodles and your spell is not over for any reason then you need to do the whole ritual all over again. On the third day from the day you would perform this spell, you will surely hear some news of your ex-lover which will let you know that your ex-lover is in pain or is suffering for something, might be health is down or might be financial loss, it can be anything that will take away his / her mental and or physical peace forever.

Revenge Spells for Cheaters

Revenge spells for cheaters!! I am a sincere lover and I fascinated in love and I sacrifice lot of things to my former lover. In true, still am heart fully loves him but he forgets me due to the trend of changing the lover. I love him deeply (I won’t want to specify his name since I want to punish him) and he acted as a true lover since to attain the benefits from my side. The several situations make me aware about him and his friend’s inform me about his character in often times. Due to the over confidence and hypnotize on him, I ignored entire warning signals and become a pet of him and follow him wherever and whenever he want. Even though I have the soft heart, I want to take revenge on him for rescue the girls from falling to his love net.

My grandpa suggests approaching V K Shastri and in addition he told me to reveal the complete information to him. I make an appointment through phone and meet him on the month of February 2012. While entered into his divine room, my sorrows are liquefied and exhibits via tears. He kept quiet until I stopped the crying myself and his first question really encounters me and I stunned. He asked me the name of the guy and the date of birth of him. He informed that the above bad things are due to the Karma and this is a good time for you and hence I visited his office. He informed that the revenge spellstarts his working at that moment and console me to do my routine jobs. The last month headlines indicate that guy’s name and he arrested for the complaint that filed against by the lawyer due to the women’s harassment. I really start worship the photo of the Babaji!

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