sweet revenge spells

Sweet Revenge Spells

Sweet Revenge Spells

Sweet revenge spells should be used wisely. I’m all about peace and love between us, but lets admit it, there are some times, were people don’t get it, and you need to teach them a lesson or two…even though these spells are not hexes or curses.…Prick Their Conscience Spell by Lauren White

They were unfair to you, you can prick their conscience with this spell!

This spell should be performed shortly before sunrise.

You will need:

*A long rose

*a tall green candle

*a sharp knife

Cut three thorns from the rose, carefully push these thorns into the candle wax (Be careful if you prick your finger then the spell will turn against you!)

Now light the candle and sprinkle a ring of petals around it, think your subject deeply as the candle burns down

as the candle reaches each thorn you can be sure your subject will question the wisdom of their decision to be unfair to you

Dragon Breath Spell by Lauren White

Someone won’t stop from telling lies for you? stop them with this spell!

You will need:

*Some sweets, candy or chocolates

*a clove of garlic

*a green candle

*a decorated bowl

By the light of the new moon, place the candy in the bowl on window ledge so that they are bathed in moonlight

light the candle and place it by the bowl, take the garlic and with it, draw an imaginary ring around the bowl and say out loud:

“May she/he who speaks evil, have breath to match”

snuff out the candle to “ground” the spell, offer a special garlic candy to your subject, and the effects will be immediate…a breath that no mouth wash will clean…

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