Voodoo doll Spells

Revenge Voodoo doll Spells

Voodoo revenge spells are best used to even out situation and bring justice.

Voodoo doll spells are best used to even out situation and bring justice. Even so, it is not recommended to cast them by yourself. The reason is that these Voodoo spells has huge karmic backlash on the user. Revenge spells are intended to hurt someone in one way or another, thus attracts and draws powers from evil spirits from the out-world. Unless caster focuses on one deity and really knows what hes doing, it will have dramatic consequences.

So, if you intend to use Voodoo revenge spells by yourself, prepare for it carefully. Heres how you do it. First, shut down any negative emotions towards the person you’re going after. It should be purely for justice and greater balance in your mind. It’s not as easy as it sounds and meditation helps here greatly. Once you do so, focus all you inner energy towards any deity of justice or balance. Doesn’t matter if its from other religion, although its best to focus on Voodoo deity The Marasa. This should ward of lesser evil spirits from you. Bear in mind that Voodoo spell casting is not for everyone, if you have troubles doing so, leave it for experienced person. This is especially the case regarding Voodoo revenge spells. There are many people offering these kind of services you can find.

Best Voodoo revenge spells are usually performed on Voodoo dolls. Thats because Voodoo doll acts as perfect gateway for energy manipulation in-between real and invisible world. As such, any Voodoo doll spell is highly effective even for beginner spell casters. So don’t take them lightly.

Quick, easy Voodoo doll revenge spell for beginners:

For this Voodoo revenge spell you’ll need:

  • Voodoo doll resembling targeted person
  • Black cloth
  • Black thread
  • A needle
  • Dried leaves of blackberry

Take Voodoo doll and put it on piece of black cloth. Close your eyes and focus your mind towards targeted person. Then open your eyes and pick up a needle. Pierce Voodoo doll in the head, left leg, right leg, left hand, right hand and chest in that order. Roll up a doll in black cloth and wind it up tightly with black thread seven times. Find safe place near the woods and bury the doll. Every evening for next seven days, come to this place and spread some dried leaves of blackberry on top.

This Voodoo doll revenge spell should take effect after a week or so. It covers up many areas of livelihood such as luck, love, success and health. Depending on casters aptitude, targeted person can lose any of it or even all. So be sure that its absolutely necessary to bring justice to that person right now. Keep in mind that life itself usually balance out things in the long period of time. It’s an easy pick from Voodoo revenge spells arsenal, since it does not involve death in any way, generally it’s the safest one out there.

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