Revenge Spells

You will need the following items for this spell:

Picture of the person or personal belonging would do. White piece of paper with the persons name written on it. White candle, a bowl of water, a big silver spoon and a cut up white candle(only a small piece) to melt in the spoon.
Spell for those who hurt you, emotionally & psychologically. This spell is more effective if you are really hurt. It will put all the energy and sends all spells you want to the particular person.
Casting Instructions for ‘Revenge Spell’

Light up the candle, place the picture next to the candle. With the big spoon, place the cut up small candle and put it on top of the lighted candle to melt. While the candle is melting say this 3x (name) you will remember me. When the candle is melted in the spoon, turn clockwise while holding it on top of the bowl and say (name) with all the pains you’ve caused me, you will feel all the pain I have, you will remember me. May the first air that you breathe in the day brings you a lesson and you will fall. Then pour the melted candle in the bowl of water. You should see a figure to tell you about the person. Gently place the figure in a piece of paper with the person’s name on it and fold it and hide it somewhere quiet.

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