Revenge satanic Spells


In Syncretism Satan is duality. He can give you all the postive things you want in your life and also give all negative things to others if you are a true believer.  Instead of asking God for Justice, Why don’t you ask the Prince of Darkness Master of The Universe to do You Justice?
You Have Nothing to Loose But a Lot to Gain. After Satan has helped you on your Thirst of Revenge Remember to Respect Him  and Never Fear Him
He’s great and powerful!
Hail Satan! 

Death to My Enemies Direct Cast Spell
Protect Yourself from Hidden Enemies

This spell is to Punish your Enemies by Vanishing them and making sure they will never harm you again. This spell won’t kill them, but will remove them from your life.
You can choose from Vanishing them to designing your own revenge upon them to receiving protection so no more hidden enemies come your path.
You may Include Pictures and you can send
items of your target

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