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Candle Burning Spells for Good Luck


Candle burning spells for good luck have been used through the ages as a powerful form of white magic. When casting a white magic candle spell, white does not refer to the color of the candle. It refers to the type of magic. White magic only uses the power of positive energy; there is nothing in the spell to cause harm to anyone. If you’re down on your luck and want a chance at a quick boost, burning certain candles and casting spells may help get you back on track.

White Magic Candle Spells

Candle burning spells are one of the simplest forms of magic to perform. The practitioner needs only a candle, a few basic essentials and a strong desire for the purpose of the spell. Whether you are performing a healing spell, a love spell or any other type of candle magic, it is essential to maintain a positive outlook and the belief that the desired results will occur.

Many people performed their first candle burning ritual as a child when they closed their eyes, made a wish and blew out the candles on their birthday cake. Just as a wide-eyed child makes a birthday wish, practicing candle burning magic can be as simple as closing your eyes, stating your desire and visualizing the wanted results coming true.

Choosing Your Candle

Choosing the best candle for your good luck spell depends on the type of good fortune you desire. Each color candle vibrates at a different frequency, so it is important to choose the correct candle color for your purpose.

If you want good luck in money matters or gambling, a green candle should be chosen. Use a pink candle if you wish good luck in love and romance. An excellent candle magic color chart is provided at The Magickal Cat.

Dressing and Inscribing the Candle for a Spell

Dressing the candle for the good luck spell means preparing it with oil as you visualize your desired results. Using virgin olive oil, start at the middle of the candle and with your fingers rub the oil outwards to the base of the candle. Finish anointing the candle by rubbing the olive oil from the middle of the candle up to the top. As you are dressing the candle, think about the good luck you desire and visualize the end result.

Two other methods used in many good luck spells are inscribing and notching the candle. To inscribe a candle, use your Athame, the tip of a sharp knife or a nail, and carve in your desire or a symbolic word for your wishes. To notch a candle, use the same implements and carve complete circles lightly around the candle dividing it into sections. Generally, seven sections are created and the candle is burnt during the candle spells for seven consecutive nights, one section each night.

Each time you burn a section of the candle, chant your spell, make your wish and visualize the result. If your spell is for good luck with money, your words could be as simple as saying, “Money, money, money come to me. It is my will so mote it be.”

What to Say While the Candle Burns

Burning a candle for good luck isn’t enough. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate candle color, annointed it with oil, and notched or inscribed it with the symbol that represents the type of luck you hope to receive, do one of the following:

  • Say, “This candle represents the good luck coming my way” (before you light it), then, “I can see good luck surrounding me” (right after you’ve lit the candle). As you watch the candle burn, imagine what it will be like when the good luck you desire appears in your life. If you’re burning the whole candle, say, “I will have good luck” for every one-third of the candle that melts away. When it’s time to blow out the candle, imagine the bad luck in your life being extinguished.
  • Light a candle in the color of your choice and say, “This candle represents me.” Light a black candle and say, “I have had bad luck in the past but it’s time for it to stop. This candle represents my bad luck.” Light a gray one and say, “My life is balanced at this point. Bad luck is no more.” Light an orange candle and say, “Things will change now. Good luck is coming.” Let the candles burn all the way down as you visualize the good luck you will have from this day forward.
  • With this spell, you don’t have to say anything out loud at all (though you can certainly verbalize your wishes if you’d like). Light a green candle and picture a small balloon that represents your goal and your good luck for achieving that goal. As the candle burns, imagine the balloon getting larger and larger until it begins to float. Finally, the balloon is soaring. You watch the goal and luck in your mind grow slowly and finally soar because your success won’t be instantaneous and burn out quickly, like a balloon that’s filled with too much air, too quickly. Instead, the good luck will come to you and you’ll achieve gradual and long-lasting success in your goal.
  • Burn a candle in your color of choice and say, “Bring to me my heart’s desire, the luck I need, the dream I dream. Keep from me the harm you see, so I remain safe with the good fortune I seek.”

Online Candle Burning Spells and Resources

There are many candle burning spells for good luck. Some of them are very basic and simple, as the ones above, while others are complicated long rituals that may span several days to a week or more. If you’d like more information about burning candles for good luck, visit:

  • Allegheny Candle: If you tend to play it safe, you’ll like that this site has everything listed as concisely as possible. You can purchase specific candles for money, better business, finding a job, and more. Each candle has its benefits listed on the site, and you’ll find out more about the symbolism of each one and how the candles work to bring money and prosperity to you.
  • Spell Spot: Here, you’ll find a long list of spells that are meant to help bring positive energy into your own life, but never control anyone else’s will.
  • Isis Books: There is a free money spell here, but you’ll get more from the selection of books that promise to bring prosperity. You can also get herbs, oils, incense, and more.

Align Your Wishes With the Universe

Casting candle burning spells for good luck aligns your wishes with the forces of nature and the universe. Be sure to follow the directions carefully, choosing the appropriate color for your candle and chanting the spell that promises to bring you what you lack. Be aware of any special steps you need to accomplish before your wishes can be granted, like notching the candle, and you’ll stand a better chance at getting the results you desire.


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