Good Luck Spells on Necklace

Hold a necklace that has a charm on it and say the following three times at least
“Bless this necklace, charm it well.
Give the wearer good luck, make the luck swell.
Bless all around them and bless the wearer.
May good luck spread and get rid of the terror.
This is my will, so please, mote it be.”
Spray the necklace with perfume and it will give the wearer and those around them good luck.

Repeat x3 as holding your item. Try and be outside or near nature when doing this spell. You must fully believe for this to work.

“I cast a spell upon this item thrice, to protect me through my daily life.
If darkness may come my way, keep me safe as this I say.
The goddess is looking down on me, so that all I know and see.
Will stay smiling in the light, as I am protected through day and night.
This is what I wish, so mote it be.”

Open the teabag and put all the herbs inside the green water.
Mix it around
Think of a time you needed good luck
Put the necklace in leave it there for 12 seconds
Take it out and put it in the napkins to dry

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