Good Luck Spell Kit

Good Luck Spell Kit

BeWyld has created the Good Luck Mojo Spell Set specific to your needs! Your Good Luck Spell Set can be used to attract Good Luck and Good Fortune. All purpose, versatile Draw Good Luck Kit whether for Success, Money, Love…

Your Good Luck Spell Kit includes:

  • 1 Good Luck Hoodoo candle
  • 2 ounces of Good Luck crystal bathing salts
  • 1 Good Luck gris-gris (fabric color may vary)
  • 1/2 ounce of Good Luck mojo oil
  • 1/3 ounce of All Purpose self burning incense
  • 1 Green Aventurine Stone
  • Instructions

Comes packed in a convenient folding white box.

Take charge of the changes you want and need by using nature’s gifts we have harnessed for you to be wyld with the elements and deities! Along with the candle, parchment, salt, bag and stone you have a classic formula of essential and natural oils, natural herbs, roots and/or powders to work with you. The specific combination blended has proved effective and handed down for generations.

Good Luck Spells Incantation

Casting Instructions for ‘Good Luck Incantation’

 Write the target’s name on a piece of paper, and recite the following twice.

Earth mother, Sky mother, All mother, give [Insert Name] good luck today until another. So mote it be.

For the greater good of all and with harm to none, This spell is bound, and will not to be undone. By the power of three times three, As I will, so mote it be.

By karmic power number three, This spell tied and knotted be, so that its contents stay together, and can’t harm human, beast.

You will need the following items for this spell:
-5” by 5” cloth square ( do not use dark colors for the cloth it could have a negative affect)
– bowl to mix the herbs in
– string or yarn to tie the pouch with
– sage leaves
– bayberries
– pine needles
– almond oil ( optional because its not always available)

Making this pouch is pretty easy.
Step 1: put the bayberries and sage into the bowl. Don’t put the pine needles in because the needles need to be crushed into smaller bits so that they can fit in the pouch.

Step 2: crush the pine needles. You can use your hands or a mortal and pestle for this if you want. Once you are done crushing them, put them in the bowl with the other herbs.

Step 3: mix the berries, sage, and needles together in the same bowl.

Step 4: lay out the cloth on a flat surface. Put two tablespoons of the mixture onto the center of the cloth.

Step 5: put three drops of almond oil on top of the mixture on the cloth. If you don’t have almond oil then you can skip this step.

Step 6: Bring all the sides of the cloth together and twist it once. Tie the sting around the twist tight enough so that it won’t come apart.

Step 7: Now, put the pouch somewhere. You can put it in different places for different things. For example, if you want your garden to prosper, put the pouch in a gardening shed or hang it on the garden fence. I usually put mine on the mantle piece or above the door or next to my bed. You can also carry it with you if you want.These make great gifts too.

Now your done!

Good Luck Job Spells


Casting the circle.
On this night and in this hour a call upon the ancient powers, with perfect love and perfect trust casting now and cast I must.
As above and so below I make this magick circle grow. I ask for the power from the divine add the worlds great power to mine.
This circle is cast to create a place between worlds a place where mortal men and the mighty spirit may meet.
I cast this circle with a ring of three, let universal power flow through me!
I cast ye, I cast ye, I cast ye.
This circle is sealed!
Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the East I ask thee to keep a gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of air – bring your winds of change to this circle here tonight.
Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the South I ask thee to keep a gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of Fire – burn away my regrets and shine your gentle rays upon me for growth.
Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the West – I hail to Sekhmet, goddess of war I ask thee to guard my circle here tonight. I summon the forces of water to wash over me and cleanse me of all negativity and purify my thoughts.

Hail to the guardians of the watch tower of the North I ask thee to keep a gentle watch over my circle this night, I summon the forces of earth. Let your renewing strength open new paths before me.

I ask that the planets be on my side in my work tonight

I am here this night to ask for my tools to be filled with Divine power and for the Goddess’s help with my Career path for the future. May I not lose my present job till another is secure. May this spell harm none.

I call to Isis, Queen of the South, Queen of the Gods, I invite you here tonight and ask for your help in my endeavors in this circle here this night.
I align myself with Isis. I align myself with Isis. I align myself with Isis.
Place finger in the salt and water.
I consecrate thee as a tool of magick. Blessed be!
I charge thee with power in the name of the Goddess.
So mote it be!

Repeat for the candle
I light this candle in the name of Isis. Let her great power fill this circle. This is her color and the color of my of my spell. Blessed be!

Taking up the item that you wish to consecrate, hold it high in salute and say:

God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, Father and Mother of All life. Here do I present my personal tool(s) for your approval. As it serves me so shall it serve you.

Place the tool on the altar and think back to what you did to personalize it. Dip your fingers in the salted water and sprinkle both sides of the object. Now, pick it up and hold it in the smoke of the incense, turning it, Say:

May the Sacred Water and the smoke of this Holy flame drive out any impurities in this (name of object) that it be pure and cleansed, ready to serve me and the Gods in any way I desire. So mote it be.

Hold it between the palms of your hands and concentrate all of your energies (your power) into it. Then, say:

I charge this (name of object) through me, with the wisdom and might of the God and Goddess. May it serve us well, keeping me from harm and acting in their service, in all things. So mote it be.


I write in a language of old so the divine may hear me. I write of the Career I wish to be fetched for me. Show it to me – bring it to me!

I burn this paper and the words upon it so that my request will become a reality.

I light this paper with the flame of the Goddess.

As the paper burns and the ashes appear, bring to me my future career!

Repeat till the paper is burnt.

As these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take form – as these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell take shape – as these ashes are sent into the wind let my spell be reality!
So mote it be!
Thank all – Isis, elements, North, East, South, West, Sekhmet, west.
This circle is open but not broken – let the power of the Goddess fill me, be part of me, give me strength and wisdom so I may fulfill all that is needed of me. With perfect love and perfect trust, I set this circle free. Release the power within and let all that I have asked for Be!

Thank you all

Good Luck Exam Spells

Spell For Success in Exams

Success Spell to Pass an Exam is very effective when it comes to school exams or competitive exams. Astrologer R .K. Sharma has wide experience in this filed. He will provide Useful Spells for Exams. Spell for Success in Exams is an old practice. It has been practiced by numerous Astrologers throughout the world. The condition of a student in a school or a candidate in a competitive exam is highly complicated. His/ Her condition is somewhat confused, nervous and beyond any control. He or She does not know what will be the results of exams. Out of fear and tension, some students even forget to write the right answers in the papers provided. But there is nothing to worry at all. Narayan Ji will cast a Spell to Pass an Exam for you. You will never feel nervous or disappointed in any exam.

Come Exams and a phobia of fear starts. Parents of most of the students get equally worried about the fate of their child in the exams. To remove all anxieties and worries, Narayan Ji will recommend Useful spells for Exams. These Spells are easy to follow and practice. Success Spells are Good Luck Spells and they cannot be reversed by any magic. You will never get annoyed and you will get excellent exam result.

It is tough time for students to get good marks in exams, if not well studied. Poor students are less capable to study efficiently. Everyone has to take exam in student life. Despite your best, you tend to loose your confidence and write wrong answers in the exams. Spells are the method to deal with this situation in a better way. There are spells present on the internet, but they are not as effective as being provided by Narayan Ji. You will definitely get amazing exam results and you will raise high in your career life.

Fast Luck Oil Spells

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A small bottle
  • 10 drops wintergreen oil
  • 10 drops vanilla oil
  • 10 drops cinnamon oil
  • Carrier such as almond oil

This oil contains herbal essences, all of which have the effect of quickening up a spell. However, there is need for a word of warning, since many people nowadays have sensitivities to so many substances. Wintergreen if ingested internally is highly toxic so you should be extremely careful when dealing with it and cinnamon oil can irritate the skin. When it is used to dress a candle however the combined oils are an efficent and speedy way of making things happen.

Casting Instructions for ‘Fast Luck Oil’

Carefully combine the essential and carrier oils in the bottle.Shake well and repeat as you do so at least three times: Fast Luck, Fast Luck Bring to me my desire.

Now add the other ingredients if you are using them and leave the bottle in a cool dark place for at least twenty four hours for the oils to blend. After this time you can use the oil to dress your candles. Remember that, as you are drawing luck towards you, you should dress the candle from the top down.

If you are using Fast Luck Oil for a money spell concentrate on money coming towards you, use a green candle and repeat the words above. Use a brown candle if you have a business deal you need to accelerate, but this time it is wise to add a few flakes of silver or gold glitter.

To bring love into your life use a pink candle, visualize your ideal person coming into your life and repeat the words above, adding: If it be right for all concerned. Let the candles burn out safely.

You should have some indication that this routine is working within about thirty-six hours. If there is none, then you must consider what obstacles there are to progress. These may have come to light since you began the spell and you can attempt to remove them before carrying out the procedure again.

Effective Luck Spells

Effective Luck Spells That Work

Very powerful spells that have been designed to make fortune to smile at you, luck spells that will open all the doors of luck in every aspect and spells to draw good luck on your side. You are a gambler. You want to increase your lotto luck. You are a businessman who makes frequent flights abroad. You want to ensure that all your travels are successful so that you avoid making repeat flights. You are looking for a partner. You want to make sure that you get the love of the right person into your life. My effective luck spells that work immediately will make all that to happen. All you need to do is to consult me now.

Effective Luck Spells: Attract Positive Energy

If you are a person who is always involved in negotiations, you would want to ensure that every negotiation is in your favor. This powerful spell that works can make you get what you want. Even if it a peace negotiation or contract negotiation, all the favors will be swung to your side, meaning that you will emerge a hero in every negotiation. This spell will surround you will positive energy. It will unblock all the blocked channels of success and profit. All the negative forces that would want to make you a loser during negotiations will be banished by this powerful spell that works immediately. It will remove all negative powers, bad vibes and spiritual entities that want you to ever be moody in your life. This will increase your luck, happiness and prosperity.

Do you want to scare away witches and evil spirits from your life? Do you want to ensure that every business trip that you make is successful? Do you want all things to happen in favor of your efforts? Are you an athlete who wants to win at the next marathon? Cast my effective luck spells that work immediately. This spell can also be cast as effective business spell, success spell or luck spell that works fast.

Bad Luck Voodoo Spells


The “bad luck voodoo hex” spell is meant for the person who really deserves justice…someone who needs to be taught a lesson. Use this spell to turn someone’s luck upside down. No negative repercussions will come to you for doing this spell if the target deserves the hex.

Ingredients List: [2] One foot stalks of Bamboo [20 grams] Chili pepper [1] Finely chopped onion [1] Gallon-sized bucket filled with regular dirt or soil

How to cast the spell

Step #1: Cast the circle (follow instructions in chapter 1)

Step #2: Begin by meditating for approximately 5 minutes. This meditation should be on the person you are targeting, but not about them – only about all the things they have done to deserve a hex.

Step #3: Place the stalks of bamboo into the bucket, allowing them to stick out from the top, if necessary.

Step #4: State the following words, two times total: “I DO NOT ALLOW THOSE WHO HAVE WALKED A DARK PATH, TO WALK THEIR DARK PATH TODAY.”

Step #5: Imagine for 2-3 minutes, that the target is powerless over further harming any other individuals, imagine that they are going to have the worst luck.

Step #6: Place the pepper and the onion into the bucket as well, burying them in the center, about 2-3 inches deep.

Step #7: Close the circle (directions found in chapter one of this book).

Step #8: Leave the bucket with ingredients as is, for approximately 24-72 hours, before disposing. Or you may leave the ingredients permanently for longer effects.

Bad Luck Spells for Enermies

Bad Luck Spell

The topic which we are going to discuss here in this article is curse. Curse can destroy someone’s life and should be seriously taken. Every day in our life someone somewhere does wrong to us and we feel like cursing them. Sometimes we don’t know that our cursing could badly affect someone’s life, it can happen to us also.

Here we will discuss about bad luck spell. If you want to take revenge or want to offer your enemy a dose of bad luck then this spell is best to apply. If any of your friend or enemy has committed wrongful deed with you and in return you want to give a similar treatment to them then this is the perfect spell to work upon. By doing this your enemy will be badly affected, whatever they will touch will be destroyed and everything will go dull and bad luck with follow them in every path they take, things like failing in interview, no further improvement in any field, job loss etc will take place on whom you have performed the spell. This is the right to apply on those who have hurt you badly. Numbers of clients use this spell on their staffs who have back stabbed them; it can also be done on dishonest partner who is trying to demolish the life of others. This spell has proved to very influential and flourishing and it doesn’t harm the person who is using this spell on others.

Some of the following items which we might require while using this spell are given below:-

1 pentacle, either you can put on a pentacle necklace or drawn on ground. This spell is self made. Touch the pentacle with hands point out the image of the victim who have hurted you and utter you will be badly cursed with bad luck for hurting me and repeat this chant for two times. This is one of the spell you can use it on your enemy.

There is another spell which you can apply on your foe. For this you need an image of the victim, matchbox or lighter and white or black candle. This is a charm to throw bad luck hex on a name. Request God to hear your prayer and chant that someone has hurt you badly due to which you are completely sad and this has driven you mad. Now glow up the candle, with the heat coming out of the candle say the name of the enemy and ask God to take revenge on him, make him cry, sufferings might ruin his life and also let him feel that he should not hurt me again. While chanting burn the image in the candle.

One of the well applied spell to use upon your opponent, is given below. For this spell you require your voice. Make use of this spell to shed bad luck over him or her. Go to the person who have done wrong to you and utter in such a way that he or she doesn’t listen. Wish bad luck for the opponent so that his full day and night goes wrong.

Bad Luck Revenge Spells

Want to give your enemy a dose of bad luck?  Do you want revenge on someone who has crossed you?  This can be achieved with a Bring Bad Luck Revenge Spell.  If someone hurt you or did something terribly wrong to you and you want to pay them back, then this spell is the ultimate way to do that!  It will bring the person you choose EXTREME BAD LUCK in everything they do.  Whatever they touch will seem to tarnish and a huge black cloud will follow their every move.  Anything can and will go wrong once this revenge spell is cast upon the person you choose.  Things will happen for example: job loss, spouses leaving or cheating on your target, interviews will go bad, no advancement will happen whatsoever when this spell is cast on the person of your choice.  

   This is the perfect revenge spell to use on anyone who has hurt you in any way.  The majority of my clientele who uses this spell casts it upon co-workers that have stabbed them in the back, a cheating spouse, people who are trying to ruin the lives of others, and so on.  This is a really great spell to use to stop anyone in their tracks from doing anymore harm to anyone else around them because they’ll be so busy putting out fires of their own! 

  Another great spell to use in combination with the Bring Bad Luck Spell is our Banish Someone Revenge Spell.  These spells combined will give great results.  Not only will your target of revenge have everything in their life go wrong, it will get them out of your life for good!  Our Bring Bad Luck Revenge Spell Casting is very powerful, effective and safe to use.  You wont have to worry about anything effecting you negatively at all, meaning the spell WILL NOT BACKFIRE.  The revenge spell will only seek out the person it is cast upon.  This is one of our most popular revenge spell casting request!  We cast hundreds of these spells for people just like you who just want to get revenge on someone that has hurt them or messed with OR interfered in their lives.  This spell will bring only the best results for you to get the revenge you desire on the person of your choice. 

  Please Note:  None of our revenge spells will cause any physical hurt or harm, or death to anyone they are cast upon.  We don’t do those kinds of requests so kindly do not ask us to.  All of our revenge spells are GUARANTEED to work or your money back! 

Bad Luck Revenge Spell – This is the perfect spell for revenge if you want your “target” to experience the most sever bad luck.  If someone has done you wrong and you wish to get the ultimate revenge, this is the best spell to help you.  This spell will bring your target for revenge the most bad luck.  They’ll have a permanent “black cloud” hanging over them for as long as you wish.  The most unfortunate things will begin to happen to them causing all kinds of grief and misery.
Please keep in mind that this spell is very powerful and will bring the worst streak of bad luck to the person you wish it upon.  With that said, make sure that they truly deserve what’s about to happen to them. We offer 3 Spell Energy Levels to provide the quickest results.  The higher the spell energy level, the stronger the spell energies are released during the casting.  If you have any questions about this spell, please Contact Us.

Love Spells make him want you back


Before you consider casting the spells to get him back on your ex lover there are some steps that you have to follow to make the lost love spell to work effectively for instance;

    1.Why you broke up?

Try to figure out why aren’t you not together? What caused you’ll to break up? Asking yourself these questions will help you to solve your problem, it can happen that you are the one who made this relationship to break up if that so try to change and you have to reveal this to him as soon as you are back together.

    2.Control your self

To be able to get your ex back fast you have to make sure that you don’t lose communication with him, but do not show him that you are desperately in need of him. Don’t rush and tell him how you miss him try to control yourself slowly he will find interest in you, most people chase their ex lovers because they jump to conclusion wanting to express themselves that they are nothing without their ex lover. Try to fake things as if they are fine but deep down you know that you miss and still love him.

    3.Have some time alone

It is important to get some time of your own before casting the spell to get him back, you have to think clear about this and be sure that your ex lover is the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Get to think what you really want into your life Time is the best healer, search your mind and have many thoughts about your future. As time goes on you are going to get better from that pain you have went through. Also give your ex lover some time to make him think about all the good memories you’ll had surely he will never want them to be vanished just like that.

Many people have been looking for the right spell to get their ex back fast and finally the spell to get him back is the perfect spell to cast. Never go after your ex begging him to love you again simple call Dr Twaha who will make your ex to have love for you forever. You will win your ex lover even if he is in love with someone else casting the spell to get him back is the easy and safe way to get your ex back fast. The spells to get him back is not only going to help you get your ex fast but will also mend your broken heart and bring the lost happiness in your life Dr Twaha will use easy and quick steps to cast the lost love spell for you



The cleansing process

– the very essential process to do first is the cleansing, cleans your mind, your heart and your body to destroy all the negative influences in your life, many people don’t believe in cleansing which is very important, no wonder people don’t get happiness, love and joy in their relationship because they don’t open doors of good lucks by cleansing their body with salt and water. Dr Twaha will permanently make positive things to happen in your life by cleansing you.

The process of casting

– the spell to get him back- when you cast the get him back spell, it’s either you cast it yourself or with the aid of Dr Twaha but you must make sure that where you are casting it is quiet and no one is around to disturb you, when you are about to cast the spell you have to clear your mind all the thoughts must be away, the picture of your ex lover is needed when your are casting with some red candles to represent love.

The process of rituals

– there are different magic spells and each spell has its own rituals that you have to follow. This will influence the spell to be more effective and powerful toward the target which will make your ex realize how good you are in his life and immediately come back to you.

The process of evaluating

– this step is very important for Dr Twaha to go through all the process and to make sure that everything he did was good, his purpose is to bring smile to his clients and make sure all the things they wanted are done accurately.


– once Dr Twaha is done casting the lost love spell to your ex partner obviously you will be back together, he will guide you and your partner to be together, with the aid of the lost love spell and Dr Twaha nothing will separate the bond between the two of you and keep you forever


Cast spells to get him back which will work with Dr Twaha by your side there is a big hope that you and your ex lover will be back together very fast, if you are still looking for the spell to get your ex back fast please this is a great chance to contact me I can help you with any relationship issue to make you happy again.

You are being promised to get your good life back with your ex lover by your side. Have a healthy relationship that will last forever. With the get him back spell, you can still return all the good memories you had with your ex partner. If you are really sure that this is your soul ate you wish to spend forever don’t hesitate to cast the spells to get him back now. Putting the relationship to where it was before it is never that easy make your life more easy to win your ex lover that left you stranded to fall in love with you very fast.

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