Bad Luck Spells to Cast

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One Red Candle
  • New or waning moon
  • Picture of victim
  • Red pen or marker
  • Cauldron
  • Midnight

A spell to let you get revenge on someone for as long as you would like.(Works better on a new moon or waning moon)

Casting Instructions for ‘Bad luck’

Go to a secluded peaceful place (empty room,etc) at midnight on a new or waning moon.Light your candle and draw a red x on the victims face in the picture. Place the picture in your cauldron and use the candle to light the photo. After doing so chant

This Person Has made me mad
I dont want them to be glad
I take revenge on them tonight
As I say these words with strife
Make them pay Make them pay
So Mote It Be

By now the photo will be ashes.Take the ashes and keep them in a container.As long as you have the ashes the victim will have bad luck.When you think they have had enough bad luck throw away the ashes.

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